Sunday, April 20, 2008

A neighbor in need

(excerpts from a letter to the editor, orginally printer in the Berkshire Eagle on 4/13)

"The recent headlines about The Mount are a challenge that we cannot ignore. There is a very real chance that this treasure will be lost to the public if significant support does not appear this month. We think that this cause is indeed a worthy one.

In the recent past, the generosity of many donors (giving in both large and small amounts) brought most of the house and the gardens back to life for all to enjoy. But The Mount is not just a pretty house. It represents a crowning achievement of a very creative woman, and is one of the few places to do so. Its importance in this light goes far beyond Berkshire County and even our county's shores.

Edith Wharton connected the Berkshires with the international community partly through her travels and her expertise in home and garden design. But she is, of course, best known for her great contribution to the art of literature. The Mount has continued in this tradition by hosting presentations from the contemporary literary community and through its marvelous encouragement of local student writers. Edith would have been very proud!

Please consider The Mount a good neighbor that needs our support - a neighbor that we don't want to lose. "

Tony and Corinne Cafaro