Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hauntings at The Mount

As a prelude to the "Ghost Hunters" March 25 episode, which will feature The Mount, we wanted to post a story from Capital News 9 in Albany which aired last Hallowe'en. Ryan Burgess interviews staff members who relate some of their spooky experiences. You can see the trailer for the new season of "Ghost Hunters" here.

Both staff and visitors, as well as people who once lived in the house, either when it was a school, or when it housed Shakespeare & Co., have reported many strange, inexplicable sounds and feelings. Your blogger is not sensitive to these things, something which she has always regretted. But now, since she spends quite a lot of time alone in the Mansion, she is beginning to think that it is a good thing!

If any of our readers have spooky stories to relate, please pass them on and we will post them. After all, Mrs. Wharton herself loved a good ghost story. "For the ghost should never be allowed to forget that his only chance of survival is in the tales of those who have encountered him ... "