Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Good suggestions

Elizabeth Blakeslee writes:
"You need to be able to accept credit card donations on line. People will want to act immediately if they are moved by your story. Sign up with PayPal if you cannot get someone to set up online credit card donations. You will make up in impulse donations what you lose in service fees by using PayPal.

It may sound silly, but have you contacted Oprah?

Good luck."

The Mount is grateful for these ideas and for the support that we have received throughout the past very difficult year. Although we are at the moment in the process of completely revamping our website, it is still possible to donate online. The direct link is here.

We have indeed been in touch with Oprah; in fact The Mount was mentioned in the magazine "O at Home" last summer. Now that "The Age of Innocence" is one of the choices for "The Big Read", we wonder when Oprah will choose one of Wharton's works for her book club!