Friday, May 1, 2009

The real saviours of The Mount ...

Darnell writes:

"I am from western Mass, and I had a friend in Pittsfield years ago and saw your building and loved it then. Over the years I payed attention to that building, hoping I could see it inside sometime. Then I heard in the news that it was in monetary turmoil and saw it listed for sale. This was very sad to me and I hoped someone would save it. Who ever thought about calling Ghost Hunters was very smart. Now it appears that your building will be saved after all. Who knew it would be the actual ghosts or past occupants that would save it. I am so glad that this gorgeous property is on its way to shining back to life again. I can't wait to see it in the future. Good Luck, and say hello to those ghosts over there for me."

The Mount loves the idea that the ones who might be able to save it are the people who loved it in the past. We thank you for the comment, Darnell, and can't wait to see you over the summer.