Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Mount's first flash mob

The Mount's first ever, and probably destined to remain only, flash mob, "Operation Waverly", was a great success! The Wikipedia article cited here speaks of flash mobs performing "an unusual and pointless act for a brief time" but The Mount's was anything but pointless. Our very important point was to support the campaign to save Save America's Treasures. We had a very good turnout, especially as it was early on a weekday, and we thank everyone who came and held up signs for our photo shoot. Save America's Treasures's blog has a nice article on The Mount. Keep up the pressure and help the people who really did Save The Mount!


  1. Nobody thinks of assigning him,
    When they stop wining and dining him,
    It seems this country never has enjoyed,
    So many one and two and three and four star generals...

  2. Is one of the bedrooms one shutter short of a picnic?