Monday, April 5, 2010

Open call for photo shoot

Save America's Treasures is asking for photos from each of their projects that show groups of supporters at the site. To quote from SAT: "During the recess week of April 5th-9th, we are asking every SAT project across the country to help us promote your site and raise awareness for preservation by scheduling a public photo day [and] shine a spotlight on SAT's positive impact across the country."

We are asking for all of The Mount's friends who live in the Lenox area to come along on Wednesday morning, April 7th, at 9 am. Meet on the terrace for a group photo which we will send along to SAT. The Mount is offering a Be Our Guest pass for everyone who takes part. If this request at such short notice reminds you of a movie, please let it be the perennial favorite "White Christmas", and think of Save America's Treasures as General Waverly.

We don't ask anyone to don their old uniform, just come as you are and help save this vital program! See you Wednesday!

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